Chromian Mica from Sierra Nevada, Spain

J. D. Martín-Rabios and M. Rodriguez-Gallego
Department of Crystallography and Mineralogy, University of Granada, Spain

Synopsis: Emerald green chromian 2M1 mica occurs in metamorphosed and metasomatized limestones, related to serpentinic rocks from Sierra Nevada, Spain. Chemical analysis gave: SiO2 44.51, Al2O3 27.60, TiO2 0.17, Cr2O3 3.35, Fe2O3 1.76, FeO 0.07, MnO 0.00, MgO 8.59, Li2O 0.03, Rb2O 0.01, BaO 0.01, CaO 1.71, Na2O 0.40, K2O 7.86, H2O 4.21 = 100.28. Optic properties are: pleochroism X blue, Y green, Z bluish green; refractive indices: α=1.562, β=1.611, γ=1.616 (yellow light); inclined dispersion, r > v. Orientation: second order mica. Refined parameters are a = 5.2116(6), b = 9.045(2), c = 19.97(2)Å, β = 95.7(3)°. The structure is discussed and an order in the octahedral M(1) sites is observed, but no ordering in the tetrahedral T(1) and T(2) cations is detected. The mica described is a mariposite with anoma-lously high contents of Ca and Mg.

Mineralogical Magazine; June 1982 v. 46; no. 339; p. 269-272; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1982.046.339.16
© 1982, The Mineralogical Society
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