Detrital and Authigenic Minerals in Sediments from the Western Part of the Indian Ocean

A. E. Tsirambides
Department of Mineralogy and Petrology, University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Abstract: Mineralogical and oxygen isotope analyses have been performed on nine western Indian Ocean core samples in order to distinguish the detrital from authigenic minerals in the sediments. Following the removal of carbonates, organic constituents and Fe and Mn oxides, the residue was separated into five size fractions, the principal minerals present being feldspar, quartz, clinoptilolite, and clay minerals.

Oxygen isotope compositions for two samples reflect an authigenic origin for clinoptilolite by the submarine alteration of volcanic material. Oxygen isotope compositions of two separates (free from feldspar and clays) suggest a detrital origin for the quartz in this area. The same mode of origin is apparent for the other components too, except possibly for some smectite which may have formed authigenically.

Keywords: feldspar • quartz • clinoptilolite • clay minerals • sediments • Indian Ocean

Mineralogical Magazine; March 1986 v. 50; no. 355; p. 69-74; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1986.050.355.10
© 1986, The Mineralogical Society
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