Two Types of Metal Particle in the Bachmut (L6) Chondritic Meteorite

V. P. Semenenko, L. G. Samoilovich and B. V. Tertichnaya
Institute of Geochemistry and Physics of Minerals, Palladin Pr. 34, Kiev-252164, USSR

Abstract: Metal particles in the Bachmut chondrite may be subdivided into large (hundreds of μm in size) and small (1–10 µm in size) varieties. They differ in the ratio of their constituent phases, in structure, and in chemical composition. Large particles are richer in Ni than small ones, the latter being characterized by an abnormally high Cu content. It is suggested that different pre-accretion histories were responsible for producing the various types of metal grains, and that, during post-accretion thermal history, temperatures were too low to cause elemental redistribution among the grains.

Keywords: meteorite • chondrite • Bachmut • metal particles

Mineralogical Magazine; June 1986 v. 50; no. 356; p. 317-322; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1986.050.356.19
© 1986, The Mineralogical Society
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