The Iron End-Member of the Pyrosmalite Series from the Pegmont Lead-Zinc Deposit, Queensland

J. P. Vaughan
Department of Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology, Western Australian School of Mines, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia 6430

Abstract: Pyrosmalite [(Mn,Fe)8(OH,Cl)10Si6O15] has been identified by X-ray diffraction from the Pegmont lead-zinc deposit, north-west Queensland. Microprobe analyses indicate that it is the first reported occurrence of an extremely iron-rich member of the series. The characteristically high chlorine content of pyrosmalite in Pegmont and other similar base metal deposits may provide some evidence concerning the depositional environment of these stratiform Pb-Zn ores.

Keywords: pyrosmalite • Pegmont Pb-Zn deposit • Queensland • Australia

Mineralogical Magazine; September 1986 v. 50; no. 357; p. 527-531; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1986.050.357.17
© 1986, The Mineralogical Society
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