An Occurrence of Ilvaite Layers in the Cinco Villas Metasomatic Rocks, Western Pyrenees (Spain)

A. Pesquera and F. Velasco
Department of Mineralogy, University of the Basque Country, PO Box 644, Bilbao, Spain

Abstract: In the Artikutza area, near the contact with the southern Aya granite, skarns containing hedenbergite, grandite, epidote, quartz, calcite, actinolite, idocrase and magnetite occur and have been found to contain ilvaite layers. This is the second reported occurrence of ilvaite in Spain; spectral reflectances, colour values. Vickers hardness numbers and chemical composition are given. The monomineralic ilvaite lens intercalation developed by hydrothermal alteration of hedenbergite in a second stage of skarn formation.

Keywords: ilvaite • skarns • reflectivity • Aya granite • Spain

Mineralogical Magazine; December 1986 v. 50; no. 358; p. 653-656; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1986.050.358.10
© 1986, The Mineralogical Society
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