Phase Relations in the System Anorthite-Potassium-Feldspar at 10 kbar with Emphasis on Their Solid Solutions

Y. Ai and D. H. Green
Department of Geology, University of Tasmania, Australia

Abstract: Phase relations in the binary system anorthite-K-feldspar at 10 kbar were studied with a solid-media piston cylinder apparatus. The eutectic character of this system is confirmed, with the eutectic point located at An30Kf70 (± 3 mol%), and 1215 ± 15°C, 10 kbar. The mutual solubilities between anorthite and K-feldspar at the solidus are greatly increased at 10kbar compared with those at 1 atm. The maximum solubility of K-feldspar in anorthite is c. 5% at 1 atm, c. 18% at 10 kbar; and that of anorthite in K-feldspar is c. 3% at 1 atm, c. 7% at 10 kbar. The increased solubilities are attributed to the increase in the eutectic temperature at high isostatic pressures. The results imply increased ternary feldspar solid solutions at high pressures and support the existence of homogeneous feldspars with extensive ternary composition under high-P, T and anhydrous conditions.

Keywords: anorthite • K-feldspar • phase relations • solid solutions

Mineralogical Magazine; June 1989 v. 53; no. 371; p. 337-345; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1989.053.371.09
© 1989, The Mineralogical Society
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