The Synthesis and Composition of Georgeite and Its Reactions to form Other Secondary Copper(II) Carbonates

A. M. Pollard, R. G. Thomas, P. A. Williams, J. Just and P. J. Bridge
School of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry, University of Wales College of Cardiff, P.O. Box 912, Cardiff CF1 3TB
30 Kay Street, Scarborough, W.A. 6019, Australia
61 Washington Street, Victoria Park, W.A. 6100, Australia W.A. 6000, Australia

Abstract: Comparison of the infrared spectra of georgeite and a phase which can be reproducibily synthesised in the laboratory shows that the mineral is an amorphous analogue of malachite, Cu2CO3(OH)2. Synthetic studies also explain the chemical conditions under which georgeite may form, as well as those which can cause it to react to either malachite or chalconatronite. Parallels may be drawn between the laboratory observations and known mineral associations of georgeite.

Keywords: georgeite • synthesis • copper • carbonates • infrared spectra

Mineralogical Magazine; June 1991 v. 55; no. 379; p. 163-166; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1991.055.379.03
© 1991, The Mineralogical Society
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