Origin and Evolution of a High-Ti Ocean Island Basalt Suite: The Laurens Peninsula Series, Heard Island, Indian Ocean

J. Barling
Department of Earth Sciences - Monash University - Clayton, Vic. 3168 - Australia

Summary: The Laurens Peninsula Series (LPS) lavas of Heard Island are unique among ocean island suites in having extremely high TiO2 (>4.5%) and high P2O5 (>1%) abundances in basanitic compositions. These chemical features are reflected in both their petrography and in the composition of calculated primary magmas, and lead to a suggested origin for the LPS source either as ‘fossil’ plume melt frozen within the lithospheric mantle or as continental lithospheric mantle detached during the break-up of Australia and Antarctica and incorporated into the Kergeulen Plateau.

Mineralogical Magazine; August 1994 v. 58A; no. 1; p. 49-50; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1994.58A.1.29
© 1994, The Mineralogical Society
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