Solubility and Spectrochemical Characteristics of Synthetic Chernikovite and Meta-Ankoleite

Laurent Van Haverbeke, Renaud Vochten and Karel Van Springel
Departement Scheikunde - Experimentele Mineralogie, Universiteit Antwerpen (RUCA), Middelheimlaan 1, B-2020 Antwerpen, Belgium

Abstract: Chernikovite and meta-ankoleite were synthesized with a relatively high crystallinity and the compounds were identified by means of chemical analysis and X-ray diffraction. The infrared spectra were recorded and the bands assigned. From the luminescence spectra, the band-gap energy for both compounds was calculated as 2.35 eV, indicating that they must be considered as insulators. The dependence of the solubilities of these compounds on the acidity of the solution was studied, and the dominant ionic species were determined. The pKsp values of chernikovite and meta-ankoleite were found to be 22.73±0.24 and 24.30±0.81 respectively.

Keywords: chernikovite • meta-ankoleite • solubility • solubility product • infrared spectra

Mineralogical Magazine; October 1996 v. 60; no. 402; p. 759-766; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1996.060.402.05
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