Colloid-Particle Dynamics and Element Transport Through the Low-Salinity (≤3 Per Mil) Zone of a Stable Boreal Northern Shield Estuary: Insights from Short-Lived 234Th and Sampling with High Salinity Resolution

Ö. Gustafsson, P. Andersson, A. Widerlund, J. Ingri and P. Roos
Swedish Museum of Natural History, Laboratory for Isotope Geology, Box 50007, 10405 Stockholm, Sweden
Luleå University of Technology, Division of Applied Geology, 97187 Luleå, Sweden
Lund University, Department of Radiation Physics, 22185 Lund, Sweden

Mineralogical Magazine; 1998 v. 62A; no. 1; p. 553-554; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1998.62A.1.292
© 1998, The Mineralogical Society
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