Sulphur Isotope Partitioning during Formation of Pyrite and Incorporation of Sulphur into Organic Matter in Eastern Mediterranean Sapropels

H. F. Passier, M. E. Böttcher and G. J. de Lange
Paleomagnetic Laboratory, Utrecht University, NL-3584 CD Utrecht, The Netherlands
Department of Biogeochemistry, Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology, D-28359 Bremen, Germany
Institute of Paleoenvironments and Paleoclimate, Utrecht University, NL-3508 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Mineralogical Magazine; 1998 v. 62A; no. 2; p. 1143-1144; DOI: 10.1180/minmag.1998.62A.2.264
© 1998, The Mineralogical Society
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