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Collins Medal

The Collins Medal

Nominations are now sought for the second award of the Collins medal.

At its meeting in March 2008, the Society’s Council finalized an agreement, initiated in 2007, to establish a new medal, named after Joseph Henry Collins (1841–1916), mining engineer, mineralogist and geologist, and one of the founding members of the Society. The first award will be made by the Society at its annual meeting for 2010.

“The Collins Medal will be awarded annually to a scientist who, during a long and active career, has made an outstanding contribution to pure or applied aspects of Mineral Sciences and associated studies. Publications, teaching, outreach and other activities leading to the promotion of mineral sciences, in the broadest sense, will be taken into account in making the award. Nominees do not have to be Members of the Mineralogical Society or nationals of Great Britain and Ireland.

Nominations should include a statement on the merits of the candidate, a summary curriculum vitae and a list of the nominee's more important contributions. In addition to the main nominator there should be a letter of support from a seconder; both nominator and seconder should be members of the Society. Further letters of support may be submitted from up to two additional people (who do not have to be members of the Society). Nominations will remain on the table for three years. Previous recipients of the award, Society Officers, members of Council and members of the Committee (at the time of nomination and adjudication) will not be eligible for the award.

Nominations for the 2011 medal should be sent to the Chair of the Awards Committee at the Society's office, to arrive not later than 30th April 2010. Submissions should be in the form of a single package in pdf format, to include the nomination letters, CV of the candidate and the additional letters of support. The nomination package should be attached to an e-mail with a title which identifies the name of the award and the name of the nominee. The e-mail address to use is info@minersoc.org

The nominations will be considered and recommendations for award made by the Society’s Awards Committee to be chaired by Prof. Bruce Yardley.

Previous winner

2010   C.H. Emeleus