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Micro-Analysis, Processes, Time (MAPT)

Programme, with links to presentations

SESSION M1: Decoding metamorphism and metamorphic processes during subduction, mountain building and exhumation

Deciphering a complex geodynamic evolution of an orogen:what is the contribution of the metamorphic petrology?
Romain Bousquet, Michael Wiederkehr, Alfons Berger, Stefan Schmid, Roland Oberhänsli

Dating of garnets confirms suspicions of an early Palaeozoic tectono-metamorphic event blurred by Himalayan shearing
Jennifer Chambers and Tom Argles

The metamorphic, structural and temporal evolution of the country rocks surrounding Venetia Mine, Limpopo Belt, South Africa: Unambiguous evidence for a Palaeoproterozoic tectono-metamorphic event
M.J. Rigby, I.J. Basson, J.D. Kramers, W.P. Barnett, P.I. Graser. and P.K. Mavimbela

 What is the geological significance of Cretaceous U–Pb zircon ages in HP mélanges from the Cycladic blueschist belt, Greece?
Michael Bröcker, Florian Bulle, Claudia Gärtner and Alan Keasling

Towards subduction mechanics: timing and mechanisms of oceanic blueschist KEYNOTE and eclogite exhumation
P. Agard

New views on 40Ar/39Ar dating of the subducted Arabian continental margin beneath the Semail ophiolite, Oman
C.J. Warren, S. Sherlock and S.P. Kelley

Pressure-induced amorphization of α-quartz (>15 GPa): First report in a deep crustal rock
Rosaria Palmeri, Maria-Luce Frezzotti, Gaston Godard

Natural multi-stage growth of garnet along a single P-T path reproduced by major and trace element modelling: death of the constant growth-rate models?
Matthias Konrad-Schmolke, Thomas Zack, Patrick J. O’Brien and Dorrit Jacob

SESSION M2: Recent advances in metamorphic and igneous petrology

Prospects in rutilology
Thomas Zack

 The effect of pressure and temperature on Ti-in-quartz solubility: the TitaniQ thermobarometer
Jay B. Thomas, E. Bruce Watson, Philip T. Shemella, Saroj K. Nayak, Antonio Lanzirotti

Variations of HFSE (Nb, Zr) contents in rutile after partial replacement by titanite
Friedrich Lucassen, Gerhard Franz, Peter Dulski, Rainer Abart, Dieter Rhede, Rolf L. Romer

Diffusive fractionation of Nb and Ta in rutile
Horst Marschall, Ralf Dohmen, and Thomas Ludwig

“Nanogranite” inclusions in peritectic minerals: discovering the anatectic melt in migmatites and granulites
Bernardo Cesare, Silvio Ferrero, Omar Bartoli, Roberto Braga, Emma Salvioli-Mariani, Antonio Acosta-Vigil and Sandro Meli

Optical and chemical fingerprints of pre-existing minerals: A tool for studying mineral replacement in metamorphic rocks
Jürgen Reinhardt

Crystal defects in omphacites from eclogites of the Tauern Window, Lago di Cignana, CCSD (China) and from deformation experiments: Similarities and differences
Wolfgang Friedrich Müller, Frank E. Brenker, Roberto Compagnoni, Gerhard Franz, Nicolas Walte and Zhiquin Xu

SESSION M3: Pushing the limits of high-precision radioisotope geochronology and thermochronology: techniques, tools and applications

Developments in U-Pb ID-TIMS geochronology - more precision, more accuracy, more fun
Urs Schaltegger, Maria Ovtcharova, Blair Schoene

Growth and evolution of oceanic crust: ID-TIMS U-Pb dating of mid-ocean ridge zircons
Matthew Rioux, C. Johan Lissenberg, Samuel Bowring and Nobumichi Shimizu

Improved Methods for Pb-Pb dating of Meteorites
James N. Connelly

U-Pb Thermochronology of lower crustal xenoliths: creating a temporal record of lithosphere thermal evolution
Terence Blackburn, Samuel A. Bowring, Blair Schoene, Kevin Mahan and Francis Dudas

Constraining Carboniferous climatic fluctuations using high-precision U-Pb zircon CA-ID-TIMS geochronology
Michael Pointon, David Chew, Maria Ovtcharova and George Sevastopulo

Onset of rapid exhumation in Taiwan during the Pliocene constrained by detrital thermochronometry
L.A. Kirstein, M.G. Fellin, S.D. Willett, A. Carter and Y-G. Chen

SESSION M4: LA-ICPMS isotopic and trace element analysis: techniques and applications to solid Earth studies

New Application of the Femtosecond-Laser Ablation Technique
Takafumi Hirata Satoki Okabayashi, Takaomi Yokoyama, Yoashiaki Kon and Tetsuya Yokoyama

Precision and contribution of uncertainties in in-situ isotope ratio measurements by LAM-MC-ICPMS
 Norman J. Pearson, Justin L Payne, William J. Powell, William L. Griffin, Elena Belousova and Suzanne Y. O’Reilly

Trace Elements in Fibrous and Gem Diamonds with coupled Isotope Systematics for Diamonds of the Fibrous Growth Form
 J. McNeill, D.G. Pearson, O. Klein-BenDavid, G.M. Nowell, C.J. Ottley and I. Chinn

Elemental mapping of Ni, Hf and W in metal and olivine phased of pallasite using a femtosecond laser ablation-ICP-Mass spectrometry
Takaomi Yokoyama, Yoshiko Uchiyama, Toshihiro Suzuki and Takafumi Hirata

Direct Analysis of Greenland Ice Cores by UV-Laser Ablation ICPMS
W. Müller, J.M.G. Shelley, S.O. Rasmussen

Influence of instrumental and sample-related factors on the integrity of paleoclimatic signals from stalagmites obtained by LA-ICPMS
 J.P. Bernal, L. A. Solari, A. Gomez-Tuena, H. Martinez-Izquierdo, P. Aliaga- Campuzano and J.B. Morales-Malacara

SESSION M5: Electron microscopy, microstructural analysis and grain scale processes: insights and frontiers

Investigating single dislocations in the scanning electron microscope – electron KEYNOTE channelling contrast imaging of dislocations in nitride semiconductor thin films
C. Trager-Cowan, N. Kumar, F. Sweeney, P. R. Edwards, A. J. Wilkinson, A. Winkelmann, A. P. Day, G. England, T. Wang, P. J. Parbrook and I. M. Watson

Novel imaging of primary and secondary gold
R.M. Hough, R.R.P. Noble, J.S. Cleverley, C.G. Ryan

New views on alkali feldspar microtextures by charge contrast imaging and FIB- TEM
Stephanie Flude, Martin R. Lee, Sarah Sherlock and Simon Kelley

Micro-Computed Tomography applied to mineralogical samples
C. Terry Williams, Richie Abel and Robin Armstrong

A clue on the transport properties of grain- and phase boundaries in rocks
R. Abart, L. Keller, K. Hartmann, B. Joachim and J. Degi

Innovations in EDS Microanalysis: High Speed Mapping and Hyperspectral Imaging for Mineralogical Applications using Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) for SEM, EPMA and TEM
Tobias Salge

Using electron backscatter diffraction to understand textures in sector-zoned garnets
 Alan Boyle and Dave Prior

Revealing the original microstructure and composition of lenses in trilobite eyes by integrated EBSD-EDX and FIB-TEM
C. Torney, M.R. Lee and A.W. Owen

EBSD and microstructural analysis of grain scale processes: insights and frontiers
David J. Prior, Elisabetta Mariani and John Wheeler

An Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) Investigation of Plastic Deformation in Pyrite: Slip Systems, Microstructures and the Pyrite Deformation Mechanism map
Craig D. Barrie, Alan P. Boyle, Stephen F. Cox, Mark A. Pearce and David J. Prior

Development of pseudotachylyte in quartzite
Michel Bestmann and Giorgio Pennacchioni

Coseismic Microstructures of Simulated Fault Zones in Carrara Marble and Halite Revealed by Electron Microscopy
Jin-Han Ree, Jun-ichi Ando, Raehee Han, Jong-Wook Kim, and Toshihiko Shimamoto

SESSION M6: Mineralogy of Nuclear Wastes

Deep bore-hole disposal of ceramics for plutonium immobilisation
Martin C. Stennett, Tin W. Ng, Neil C. Hyatt and Fergus G. F. Gibb

Nuclear Waste form long term stability
Bernd Grambow

Radioactive Minerals and Immobilization of Nuclear Wastes: Review and KEYNOTE Future Directions
Greg Lumpkin

SESSION M7: New advances in mineral deposit geology

Laser Ablation ICP-MS Analysis of Platinum-Group Elements and Semi-Metals in Magmatic Sulphides: Implications for Sulphide Fractionation and Ore Deposit Models
Iain McDonald

Uncloaking “invisible” gold: nanoSIMS images of ore-stage pyrites from a Carlin-type deposit
Shaun L.L. Barker, K.A. Hickey, Gregory M. Dipple, Jeremy Vaughan, Matt R. Kilburn and Jean S. Cline

The ‘Low-Temperature-Selenium-Paragenesis’ from Schlema-Alberoda (Erzgebirge, Germany) - a combined optical microscopy, EMPA and LA-ICP- MS study
Thomas Schlothauer

Petrology of the fahlore deposits Schwaz-Brixlegg (Tyrol, Austria) and its implications for Bronze-Age ore trade
M. Krismer, P. Tropper and F. Vavtar

Recent developments in LA-ICPMS analysis of fluid inclusions from magmatic-KEYNOTE hydrothermal fluids
Marcel Guillong and Christoph A. Heinrich

Laser ablation MC-ICPMS Sm-Nd isotope constraints on Metal Source in the Kiruna and Malmberget mining districts, Sweden
Martin Smith and Craig Storey

Stages of diamond formation of the Yubileinaya Pipe (Yakutsk diamond province)
E.V. Rubanova, G.K. Khachatryan and V.K. Garanin

SESSION M8: Light element isotopes: analysis and applications to mass fluxes in the Earth

Detection of melt or hydrothermal influence in different rock environments by investigation of Li, Be, B and Li and B isotopes as tracer elements
Melanie Kaliwoda

Crystal morphologies and stable isotope compositions of Ikaites and their Calcite pseudomorphs from Laguna Cháltel and Laguna Potrok Aike, Argentina
M. Oehlerich, C. Mayr, E. Griesshaber, C. Ohlendorf, B. Zolitschka, M. Fey, O. Oeckler and W. W. Schmahl

Li isotopes in foraminifera: a new proxy for past ocean dissolved inorganic carbon
N. Vigier, C. Rollion-Bard and J. Erez

Plenary Session

The rheological properties of post-perovskite and implications for D’’
John Brodholt, Michael Ammann and David Dobson

Diamonds and Metamorphism in the Deep Mantle: Protoliths, Processes and Time
Ben Harte

Laser-ablation ICP-MS analysis of solid, melt and fluid inclusions: Techniques and applications
Andreas Audétat

Reading Nanostructures by TEM in Geo- and Bio-Minerals
Alain Baronnet

SESSION W1: Advances in the application of accessory mineral analysis to understanding crustal processes

Zircon: emerging views of our most reliable chronometer
Nigel M. Kelly

On the difficulty of assigning magmatic protolith, metamorphic and crustal residence ages to Lewisian granulites – constraints from combined in situ U-Pb and Lu-Hf
 Martin J. Whitehouse, & Tony I.S. Kemp

Zircon deformation, diffusion and applications to Earth’s crust
Steve Reddy, Nick Timms, Des Moser, Pete Kinny, Rob Hart and Wolfgang Pantleon

High Ti contents and Ti zoning in UHT zircons from the Napier Complex
 Simon L. Harley, Richard W. Hinton and David A. Steele

Zircon: its response to low temperature crustal processes
 Tim Dempster and Duncan Hay

Uranium (and lead?) retention in zircon during a fluid-driven alteration reaction
Lutz Nasdala, John M. Hanchar, Dieter Rhede, Allen Kennedy and Tamás Váczi1

Inheritance, lead-loss, and isotopic discordance in ultra-high temperature metamorphic monazite
Chris Clark, Ian Fitzsimons and Pete Kinny

Zircon regeneration in the skarns of Skallevikshalsen, East Antarctica: multistage infiltration metasomatism during prolonged granulite metamorphism
Daniel J. Dunkley, Yoshikuni Hiroi and Satish-Kumar Madhusoodhan

Petrochronology in the Central Alps: metamorphic gradients and their space-KEYNOTE time evolution
 Martin Engi

Grenville Skarn titanites: new reference materials for SIMS U-Th-Pb analysis
Allen Kennedy, Sandra Kamo, Lutz Nasdala and Nick Timms

Chemical variation of multiple-stage monazites in leucocratic veins from Sřr Rondane Mountains, Antarctica
Tomokazu Hokada, Tatsuro Adachi, Yasuhito Osanai, Nobuhiko Nakano, Tsuyoshi Toyoshima and Sotaro Baba

Metasomatic alteration of monazite and xenotime in fluids: the role of coupled dissolution-reprecipitation vs. volume diffusion
Daniel E. Harlov

FIB/TEM study of ion beam radiation effects in monazite (LaPO4) ceramic
 A.-M. Seydoux-Guillaume, X. Deschanels, V. Picot, B. Glorieux, and S. Peuget

REE-mineral record of fluid circulations in metasediments from the Swiss Central Alps
Emilie Janots, Alfons Berger and Martin Engi

SESSION W2: Mantle processes: insights from peridotite massifs, xenoliths, xenocrysts and diamonds

Sr isotope and trace element systematics in diamond forming fluids –the relative KEYNOTE roles of asthenosphere and lithosphere.
Ofra Klein-BenDavid, D. Graham Pearson, Geoff M. Nowell and Chris Ottley

Diamonds from Grib Pipe, ARkhangelsk, Russia: their morphology, growth history and mineral inclusions
V.G. Malkovets, D.A. Zedgenizov, N.P. Pokhilenko and N.V. Sobolev

Nature and origin of the alluvial diamonds northeast of the Yakutian diamondiferous province
V.S. Shatsky, D.A. Zedgenizov, A.L. Ragozin, V.V. Kalinina, and V.N. Reutsky

Insights on upper mantle processes from abyssal peridotite compositions
Jessica M. Warren, Nobumichi Shimizu, and Henry J. B. Dick

Olivine microstructure, supra-subduction zone deformation and implications for seismic anisotropy
Erin Gray, Steven Reddy, Dave Healy, Nick Timms and Brent McInnes

Trace-element geochemistry of mantle olivine and application to mantle petrogenesis and geothermobarometry
Jan C. M. De Hoog, Louise Gall and David H. Cornell

Geochemical dissection of a kimberlite: what makes up a whole rock analysis?
J. Malarkey, D. G. Pearson, J.P. Davidson, G.M. Nowell, B. Kjargaard, C. J. Ottley

Trapped high density fluids in superdeep diamonds
Frank E. Brenker, Laszlo Vincze, Bart Vekemans, Wout De Nolf, Koen Janssens, Thomas Stachel and Jeff Harris

SESSION W3: Deep Earth Mineral Physics and Experimental Petrology

Spin transitions in Fe-bearing MgSiO3 in the Earth's lower mantle and the effect KEY on physical properties
Razvan Caracas

Сontinental flood basalts and related picrites in large igneous provinces: geochemical features
Irene Rass and Anna Nosova

Fractionation of carbon and nitrogen isotopes during diamond crystallization in Na2CO3‑CO2‑C system
Vadim N. Reutsky, Ben Harte, Alexander G. Sokol and Yury N. Palyanov

A petrogenetic grid for relating experimental and natural mineral assemblages across the upper-lower mantle boundary
Neil F.C. Hudson and Ben Harte

High-temperature oxide melt calorimetry: the enthalpy of formation of topaz-OH, Al2SiO4(OH)2
Klaus-Dieter Grevel and Wolf-Achim Kahl

IR absorption coefficients for H2O in nominally anhydrous high-pressure minerals
Monika Koch-Müller and Dieter Rhede

Effect of water on the olivine-wadsleyite phase boundary: from microanalytics to macroscopic observations
Fiorenza Deon, Monika Koch-Müller, Dieter Rhede and Richard Wirth

SESSION W4: The role of microanalysis and microtextures in understanding magmatic processes

Revealing the mixed up life of “boring” volcanoes through combined textural KEYNOTE and microchemical analysis
Adam J.R. Kent, Christine Darr, Alison M. Koleszar and Morgan J. Salisbury

The effects of magma mixing on eruption dynamics and long-term storage time scales
Philipp Ruprecht, Kari M. Cooper, George W. Bergantz and Olivier Bachmann

The magmatic evolution of the Whakamaru supereruption constrained by microanalytical study of plagioclase and quartz
Kate Saunders, Dan Morgan, Joel Baker and Richard Wysoczanski

Crystal isotope stratigraphy from Edgecumbe Volcano, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand: evidence for complex mixing in small volume eruptions
Mŕiri F. Gardner, John A. Gamble, Bruce L.A. Charlier, Rob M. Ellam Richard C. Price and L. Dene Carroll

Zoned sanidine in Taapaca dacites (I): Textural and chemical characteristics of zoning patterns
Magdalena Banaszak, Wencke Wegner, Klaus Simon and Gerhard Wörner

Zoned sanidines in Taapaca dacites (II): Temperature, pressure and residence time
Wencke Wegner, Magdalena Banaszak, Andreas Kronz, Gerhard Wörner

Using oscillatory zoning of Mg and Ti in plagioclase phenocrysts to determine time scales of magma recharging and crystal growth rates
Ralf Dohmen, Victoria C. Smith, Jose Luis Arce and Jonathan D. Blundy

Employing diffusion profiles in olivine to constrain pre-eruptive triggering times, examples from Nea Kameni, Greece
D.J. Morgan, V.M. Martin, D.A. Jerram, J.P. Davidson, M.A. Caddick and D.J. Prior

An evaluation of the Ti-in quartz and Ti-in-zircon palaeothermometers in a well characterised rhyolitic eruption deposit
Bruce L.A. Charlier, Colin J.N. Wilson and Joseph L. Wooden

Application of microprobe techniques for the investigation of non-silicate magmatic melts
 I. Solovova and A. Girnis

Gallium in feldspar minerals – the cause of changing Ga-Al ratios in granitic rocks?
Axel D. Renno

Nephelinite-natrocarbonatite immiscibility and extremely peralkaline residual glasses in combeite nephelinite at Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania
Roger H. Mitchell and J. Barry Dawson

SESSION W5: Mineral microstructures: their implications and applications

Dislocation cores in mantle minerals: atomic scale insights from computer simulation
Andrew M. Walker

Impurity incorporation in sphalerite (ZnS): Insights from computer simulation
Kate Wright and Julian D Gale

Pyrrhotite, polytypes and pH: A TEM study on structural complexity and its effects at the mineral-fluid interface
Dennis Harries, Kilian Pollok and Falko Langenhorst

Volume diffusion controlled growth of an Ĺkermanite reaction rim in the ternary system CaO-MgO-SiO2
Bastian Joachim, Emmanuel Gardes, Wilhelm Heinrich, Rainer Abart

Fluid-driven replacement of sanidine and orthoclase by high albite/high sanidine 
Nicholas Norberg, Gregor Neusser, Dieter Rhede,Daniel E. Harlov, Rainer Abart

Microtextural and thermal evolution of cryptoperthites, microperthites and peristerites in ten-phase alkali feldspars
Ian Parsons John D. Fitz Gerald, Tim Ivanic, Martin R. Lee, Matt Heizler, Lynn Heizler, and Rob Sanders

The effect of different barium contents on the sodium/potassium exchange capability between alkali feldspars and salt melts
Gregor Neusser, Nicholas Norberg, Rainer Abart , Daniel Harlov

Zircon microstructures and their application to geochemistry and geochronology of the mantle and moon
Nicholas E. Timms, Steven M. Reddy, Peter D. Kinny, Marion Grange, Alexander A. Nemchin, Katy Evans, David Healy and Christopher Clark

Topotactic relationships between olivine and antigorite: implications for Subduction zone seismology and geodynamics
David Mainprice, Françoise Boudier, Alain Baronnet and Roland Pellenq

Electron microscopy in biomineral research
Wolfgang W. Schmahl, Erika Griesshaber, Klemens Kelm, Andreas Ziegler, Rolf D. Neuser, Andreas Götz, N. Sanchez-Pastor and Werner Mader

Microscale phase and texture analysis of aragonite and calcite biomaterials: brachiopod shell calcite and fish otoliths
Erika Griesshaber, Tanja Schulz-Mirbach, Andreas Götz and Klemens Kelm

Sea urchin teeth – a mechanical, chemical and crystallographic characterization of a highly optimised biogenic composite material
Andreas J. Goetz, E. Griesshaber, J. Deuschle, Th. Fehr, S. Bernstein and W.W. Schmahl

POSTER SESSION M1: Decoding metamorphism and metamorphic processes during subduction, mountain building and exhumation

 The effects of metamorphism and deformation on zircon textures: implications for isotopic dating
John MacDonald, John Wheeler, Kathryn Goodenough, Quentin Crowley, Elisabetta Mariani and Simon Harley

The sapphirine+quartz assemblage in the Chogar and Sharyzhalgay complexes, East Siberia, revisited
Konstantin K. Podlesskii

Evidence for early Caledonian eclogite facies metamorphism in the southernmost Scandinavian Caledonides from Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd geochronology
Matthijs A. Smit, Erik E. Scherer, Michael Bröcker, and Herman L.M. van Roermund

Some comments on the fractionation of Nb from Ta during partial melting of titanite and rutile-bearing metabasalts in subduction zones
Stephan Klemme, Timm John, Reiner Klemd, Jörg Pfänder and J. Elis Hoffmann

Geochemical proxies of the abyssal pelagites from the accreted Lazy Formation and their tectonic implications (Belice Unit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
Štefan Méres and Dušan Plašienka

UHP/HP metamorphic terrane rocks source of the detrital garnets from the Middle Jurassic clastic sediments of the Kraków Region (Kraków -Wieluń Upland, Poland)
Štefan Méres, Roman Aubrecht, Michał Gradziński and Milan Sýkora

Express identification of the detrital garnets from UHP/HP metamorphic rocks using simple triangle diagrams prp-alm-grs and prp-alm-sps
Štefan Méres

Probing the depths of the India-Asia collision: new insight from retrogressed eclogites in NW Bhutan
C.J. Warren, D. Grujic, J. Chakungal, D.Kellett, J. Cottle and D. Moynihan

Reinvestigating Suture Boundary between Yangtze Block and Cathaysia Block in South China using zircon Lu-Hf isotopic compositions of Mesozoic igneous rocks
Jean Wong and Min Sun

POSTER SESSION M3: Pushing the limits of high-precision radioisotope geochronology and thermochronology: techniques, tools and applications

Understanding the relationship between microtextures and 40Ar/39Ar ages in alkali feldspars: a combined imaging and 40Ar/39Ar UV laserprobe study.
Stephanie Flude, Sarah C Sherlock, Martin Lee, Simon P Kelley and Nicolas Arnaud

Using low temperature thermochronology to gain insight into earthquake mechanics
James Kirkpatirck, Katherine J. Dobson, Darren Mark, and Finlay M. Stuart

Cathodoluminescence as a proxy for U-Th zonation in rapidly cooled zircons: implications for (U-Th)/He thermochronology
Katherine J. Dobson, Finlay M. Stuart and Tim J. Dempster

Pb isotope age determinations on cassiterite and other unusual U-bearing minerals by SIMS
Pete Kinny

POSTER SESSION M4: LA-ICPMS isotopic and trace element analysis: techniques and applications to solid Earth studies

Development of in-situ measurement of copper isotopic compositions of Cu-rich materials by NIR femtosecond-LA-MC-ICP-MS and its applications to minute mineral samples
Kei Ikehata, Kenji Notsu and Takafumi Hirata

Warm springs and their deposits in the Southern Alps, New Zealand: Insights into crustal fluid flow
Catriona D. Menzies, Damon A.H. Teagle, Simon C. Cox and Rachael H. James

In situ LA-ICP-MS U/Pb age determination, Sr AND Nd isotopic composition of loparite from the Lovozero Complex, Russia
Roger Mitchell, Fu-Yuan Wu, Zhi-Chao Liu, and Qin Zhou

Using LA-ICP-MS Lu-Hf isotopes and U-Pb SHRIMP dating to investigate tectonostratigraphic controls on the localisation of Archaean komatiite-hosted nickel-sulphide deposits and camps in the Yilgarn craton, Western Australia
David R. Mole, Marco Fiorentini, Nicolas Thebaud, Campbell McCuaig and Kevin Cassidy

Characterising perovskite (CaTiO3) standards for in-situ Nd and Sr isotope ratio and trace element analysis
Chiranjeeb Sarkar, Craig Storey and Chris Hawkesworth

A fast, low-volume technique for simultaneous U-Pb geochronology and trace-element measurement by LA-ICPMS
Luigi A. Solari, Arturo Gómez-Tuena and Juan Pablo Bernal

LAMBERN – An Excel-based software for the data deconvolution and calculation of U-Pb, Th-Pb and Pb-Pb ages from in-situ solid state LA-ICP-MS analysis
Tonny B. Thomsen, Thomas Pettke, Julian Allaz and Martin Engi

POSTER SESSION M5: Electron microscopy, microstructural analysis and grain scale processes: insights and frontiers

Deformation mechanisms in quartzitic rocks precursor to seismic slip
Michel Bestmann and Giorgio Pennacchioni

Inherited fabrics in an eclogite symplectite: Evidence for deformation under ultra-high pressure conditions
F. Heidelbach and M.P. Terry

Sub-micron variability of Pb concentrations in zircon: evidence for incomplete thermal resetting during polymetamorphism
Nigel M. Kelly, Richard W. Hinton and Simon L. Harley

Microstructures of quartz and feldspar overgrowths revealed by charge contrast imaging, EBSD and FIB-TEM
Martin R. Lee, Darren Mark, Laura Duthie and Stephanie Flude

Characteristics of the Iron-L and Fluorine-K xray emission lines of FeF2 and FeF3 as a case study of maximum interaction of both elements
Sindy Reibstein and Axel D. Renno

An investigation of carbonate minerals in CM chondrites by EBSD, CL and EPMA
Mahmood R. Sofe and Martin R. Lee

Argon ion slicing (ArIS) of mineral and rock samples: a novel tool to prepare super large electron transparent thin films for TEM use
A. Stojic and F.E. Brenker

POSTER SESSION M7: New advances in mineral deposit geology

Garnet trace element chemistry in the polymetallic Antamina Skarn: Sentinels of mineralizing fluids
Shaun L.L. Barker, Gregory M. Dipple and Norman Halden

Chaos and ordering in layered sulphides – growth, mechanics or inheritance?
Craig D. Barrie, Alan P. Boyle, Adrian J. Boyce, John H. Ashton and David J. Prior

First analyses of platinum-group minerals in the Jurassic Dufek-Forrestal layered mafic intrusion, Antarctica
Ricarda Hanemann, Frank Melcher, Samuel Mukasa and Lothar Viereck-Goette

Quantifying the release of base metals into hydrothermal ore forming systems: A SIMS investigation of potential source rocks for ophiolite-hosted Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide systems
Simon M. Jowitt, Gawen R. T. Jenkin, Laurence A. Coogan and Jon Naden

POSTER SESSION M8: Light element isotopes: analysis and applications to mass fluxes in the Earth

A quantitative point defect model for the incorporation and diffusion of Li in olivine: Effects of the chemical environment for isotopic and chemical fractionation
Ralf Dohmen, Simone Kasemann, Laurence Coogan and Sumit Chakraborty

Applications of SIMS boron isotope studies of tourmaline from hydrothermal systems
Robert B. Trumbull, Marc-Sebastian Krienitz and Michael Wiedenbeck

Heterogeneous distribution of phosphorus in olivine from otherwise well-equilibrated spinel peridotite xenoliths and its implications for the mantle geochemistry of lithium
Stephan Klemme, Guilherme Mallmann and Hugh St.C. O’Neill

POSTER SESSION W1: Advances in the application of accessory mineral analysis to understanding crustal processes

A comparison of the monazite growth of the Tyennan Orogeny, Tasmania with earlier generations of monazite
R. M. Chmielowski and  R. F. Berry

An extreme test of Zr-Ti thermometry
Simon L. Harley, David A. Steele and Richard W. Hinton

U-Th-Pb constraints on the evolution of Mather UHT Gneiss at Rauer Islands, Antarctica
Tomokazu Hokada, Simon L. Harley, Daniel J. Dunkley, Nigel M. Kelly and Kazumi Yokoyama

Ilmenite-rutile intergrowth in garnet-sillimanite gneiss from Skallevikshalsen, Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica: Implications for ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism
Toshisuke Kawasaki, Chie Shirakawa, Nobuhiko Nakano and Yasuhito Osanai

Fluid regime of retrograde metamorphism of the Hanke Massif
Zoya Kotelnikova and Alexey Kotelnikov

Titanite and apatite compositions as function of contact and regional metamorphism: case studies from the Ötztal Complex and the northern Southalpine basement
M. Kozlik, M. Tribus, W. Thöny, P. Tropper and S. Wyhlidal

Is there alpha-assisted annealing of radiation damage? A helium implantation study of radiation-damaged zircon and monazite
Lutz Nasdala, Dieter Grambole, Tamás Váczi and Jens Götze

Electron probe microanalysis of nano-scale minerals: Extended possibilities of the geothermometry
D. Rhede and W. Seifert

Distribution of trace elements between zircon, garnet and melt: a key to understanding crustal events and processes
R.J.M. Taylor, S.L. Harley, R.W. Hinton and S. Elphick

LA-ICPMS U-Pb and Hf isotope analyses of detrital zircons for the khondalites from the North China Craton
Xiaoping Xia, Min Sun and Guochun Zhao

Evolution of lithospheric mantle of East Antarctic craton: Os isotope composition and PGE distribution in spinel lherzolite xenoliths
Robert Krymsky, Boris Belyatsky, Anton Antonov, Nickolay Rodionov and Sergey Sergeev

Hf isotopes applied to UHT granulites: example from the Anápolis-Itauçu Complex, Central Brazil
Maria Emilia Schutesky Della Giustina & Márcio Martins Pimentel

Mineralogical and geochronological analysis of the Lake Vostok ice-core rock clusts (Antarctica)
Anton Antonov, Boris Belyatsky, Nickolay Rodionov, German Leitchenkov, Sergey Sergeev

POSTER SESSION W2: Mantle processes: insights from peridotite massifs, xenoliths, xenocrysts and diamonds

Chromium solubility in saline fluids at 4-6 GPa and 1000-1200şC
Ofra Klein-BenDavid, Thomas Pettke and Ronit Kessel

PGE-bearing sulfides in melt inclusions in a Tahitian lherzolite xenolith detected with microbeam synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence
Tetsu Kogiso, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Toshihiro Suzuki, Kentaro Uesugi and Tomoyuki Kobayashi

Unusual isotope signatures and trace element patterns of Quaternary spinel lherzolite xenoliths 
Friedrich Lucassen, Gerhard Franz and Rolf L. Romer

Long-lived layered lithosphere? Fresh data from the Slave Craton – N.W.T., Canada
K.A. Mather, D.G. Pearson, B.A. Kjarsgaard, G.M. Nowell, T.Statchel and M.G. Kopylova

The redox state of glasses in mantle xenoliths: an EMPA investigation
C. Wagner, M. Fialin and M.-L. Pascal

POSTER SESSION W3: Deep earth mineral physics and experimental petrology

Experimental constraints on HFSE partitioning and Ti mobility in saline fluids
Jennifer F. Rapp, Stephan Klemme, Erik E. Scherer, Jasper Berndt

Diffusion in the pyrope-majorite system
Willem van Mierlo, Falko Langenhorst, Nobuyoshi Miyajima, Dan Frost, Dave Rubie

The rotational Paris-Edinburgh cell (roPEC): In-situ rheological investigations under conditions of planetary deep interiors
Geoff. Bromiley, Simon A.T. Redfern, Yann Le Godec, Gérard Hamel, Su-Ying Chein and Stefan Klotz

The WURM project – a web-based freely accessible database of computed physical properties for minerals
Razvan Caracas and Ema Bobocioiu

POSTER SESSION W4: The role of microanalysis and microtextures in understanding magmatic processes

Zircon growth during magma mingling and re-equilibration by late-magmatic fluids in a hybridized pluton
Monika A. Kusiak, Daniel J. Dunkley, Ewa Słaby, Hervé Martin and Bartosz Budzyń

Temporal variations of Li and other trace elements from the current eruption of the Soufričre Hills Volcano, Montserrat
Emma Kiddle, Adam J. R. Kent, Sue Loughlin, Mike Pettersen and Steve Sparks

Investigating crustal contamination on the Bolivian Altiplano, Central Andes
Claire McLeod, Jon Davidson, Graham Pearson and Geoff Nowell

Zircon deforms in a magma chamber!
Nicholas E. Timms, Steven M. Reddy, P. Joseph Hamilton and Helen R. Smyth

Using intra-crystal Sr isotopes to constrain variable open-system processes within a single flood basalt eruption unit
Charlotte Vye and Bruce Charlier

POSTER SESSION W5: Mineral microstructures: their implications and applications

Defect Microstructure of Chalcedony in Flint and Chert
Heribert A. Graetsch and Judith M. Grünberg

Kinetic fractionation of trace elements during orthopyroxene replacement of olivine
Christian Keilonat, Ralf Milke, Bernd Wunder and Ralf Dohmen

Microstructural characteristics and timing of ductile deformation of the Druksiai-Polotsk deformation zone in NE Lithuania: East European Craton
Irma Vejelyte, Svetlana Bogdanova and Ekaterina Salnikova