Granulites and Granulites 2018

All photos courtesy of K. Goodenough

The fifth G&G will take place from 10–13 July, 2018, and will be held at the Macphail Centre, in the beautiful fishing town of Ullapool, NW Scotland. The pre-conference fieldtrip will examine rocks of the Lewisian Complex, arguably the best studied fragment of Archaean crust on the planet, including frozen evidence for in situ formation of TTG magmas. The post-conference fieldtrip will be to SW Norway, where we will examine granulite-facies rocks metamorphosed during the 1.2–0.9 Ga Sveconorwegian Orogeny, then again at ~0.9 Ga during emplacement of the Rogaland anorthosite, including the rare opportunity to see fresh osumilite.

Main convener: Tim Johnson (Curtin University, Perth)

Co-conveners: Chris Clark (Curtin), Kathryn Goodenough (BGS), Martin Hand (Adelaide), Simon Harley (Edinburgh), Pete Kinny (Curtin), Trond Slagstad (NGU)

Organisers: Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland

Our thanks to the following who have supported our conference:







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