Continuing Professional Development

Chartered scientists must undertake appropriate continuing professional development activities such as attendance at taught courses (examined and not examined), self-directed learning such as reading up on an area of science or legislation, on-the-job learning of new skills and procedures, reflective practice, attendance at conferences and workshops, and non-work activities such as service to learned societies, organizing conferences or similar, undertaking coaching and mentoring to support professional development and communicating science to the non-scientific public).

It is recommended by the Society that each Fellow who wishes to become or is a chartered scientist should:

  • Prepare a CPD plan. This should be a 1-5 year plan which takes account of employer’s business objectives and the member’s career intentions. Where possible the plan should be established in collaboration with the employer.
  • Record all CPD activities undertaken and identify the particular outcome and the benefits. Any unexpected or unplanned activities should also be recorded and counted towards the total.
  • Review the plan and the record of actual activity at least annually and revise the plan accordingly.
  • Support the CPD of other staff, and encourage your employer to support CPD.

Revalidation of CSci is required every year. Holders of CSci will be required to complete a form each year describing CPD activities that have been undertaken, and uploading or sending by post copies of supporting information such as certificates and examples of publications.


See this example Chartered Scientist CPD report from a current CSci registrant.

Read the Chartered Scientist webpage on CPD.

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Do you have a question about CPD? Contact us.

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