Euroclay 2019 special issues in Clay Minerals

The organizers of the following sessions have suggested to those who presented in their respective sessions that the journal Clay Minerals  would host a special issue comprising papers from that session.

  • Session A7: Characterization of clayey nanomaterials
    Wen-An CHIOU, Toshihiro KOGURE, Stephan KAUFHOLD, Reiner DOHRMANN, Paul SCHRÖEDER
  • Session B1: Clay minerals in fracture zones
    Simon J. KEMP, Horst Zwingmann, Anja SCHLEICHER, Juan JIMÉNEZ-MILLÁN
  • Session B7: Diagenesis and low-grade metamorphism (4th Frey-Kübler Symposium) – Auditorium
  • Session B4: Mudrocks: Composition, fabric, and provenance – Fundamental research and practical applications of the data
    Jean-Francois DECONINCK, Katarzyna GÓRNIAK, Pierre PELLENARD
  • Session C2: Geotechnical characterization of clayey geomaterials from micro to macro scale: The role of microstructure and anisotropy
    Philippe COSENZA, Myriam DUC, Pierre DELAGE, Christopher SPIERS
  • Session D8: Clays and health: From pelotherapy to drug delivery

Presenters/authors are asked to submit their papers to the Clay Minerals online submission system at:

Suitable ‘Special Sections’ have been set up in the tracking system. Please ensure that you allocate you paper to the appropriate section.

Instructions for authors can be found at

The deadline for submission of manuscripts has now been extended to 20th October 2019.