Granulites and Granulites 2018 – Assynt Field Trip: 6–10 July, 2018


The pre-conference fieldtrip will examine rocks of the Lewisian Complex, among the best exposed and most intensely studied fragment of Archaean crust of the planet, and be led by Simon Harley (Edinburgh) and Kathryn Goodenough (BGS). The trip will be based in Inchnadamph, in the heart of Assynt. We will examine a range of Mesoarchaean protoliths that were metamorphosed in the deep crust to temperatures of around 1000 °C during the Neoarchaean and/or early Paleoproterozoic.

Particular features of interest will include: evidence for in situ partial melting of the voluminous felsic gneisses (TTGs) that dominate Archaean crustal rocks worldwide; evidence for in situ partial melting of metabasic rocks to produce felsic (TTG) melts as an analogue for the production of continental crust; large layered ultramafic–mafic bodies and associated supracrustal rocks whose origin is debated; rare aluminous supracrustal rocks containing fuchsite, kyanite, corundum, and staurolite. Depending on time and weather, we may have time to examine the Stac Fada deposit, interpreted by some as an impactite.

The trip will be limited to 25 delegates on a first-come first-served basis.

Indicative Cost: £650.

Note: When we have decided whether we have viable numbers for this field trip, money will be collected from those interested in attending