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EMU Notes in Mineralogy - volume 10

Ion partitioning in ambient-temperature aqueous systems (M. Prieto and H. Stoll, editors)


ISBN: 978-0-903056-26-7

xv + 420 pp 

£50 (institutions) or £35 (individuals)

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Chapter 1: Thermodynamics of ion partitioning in solid solution-aqueous solution systems
Manuel Prieto

Chapter 2: Effects of kinetics and mechanisms of crystal growth on ion-partitioning in solid solution - aqueous solution (SS-AS) systems
Andrew Putnis

Chapter 3: Geochemical thermodynamic modelling of ion partitioning
Dmitrii A. Kulik

Chapter 4: Metal-ion partitioning during low-temperature precipitation and dissolution of anhydrous carbonates and sulphates
Michael E. Böttcher and Martin Dietzel

Chapter 5: Ion partitioning and element mobilisation during mineral replacement reactions in natural and experimental systems
Christine V. Putnis and Lurdes Fernandez Diaz

Chapter 6: Chemical equilibrium  between aqueous fluids and minerals in the marine environment
Christophe Monnin and Guilhem Hoareau

Chapter 7: Trace element variations in stalagmites: controls by climate and by karst system processes
Ian J. Fairchild and Adam Hartland

Chapter 8: Dissolution, sorption/(re)precipitation, formation of solid solutions and crystal growth phenomena on mineral surfaces: implications for the removal of toxic metals from the environment
Athanasios Godelitsas and José M. Astilleros

Chapter 9: Water-CO2-rock interaction during carbon sequestration
Eric H. Oelkers and Sigurdur R. Gislason

Chapter 10: Solid solution formation and the long-term safety of nuclear waste disposal
Dirk Bosbach

Chapter 11: Ion Partitioning and the Geochemistry of Coral Skeletons: Solving the Mystery of the Vital Effect
Anne L. Cohen and Glenn A. Gaetani

Chapter 12: Ion partitioning and trace-element proxies in foraminifera and coccoliths
H. Stoll

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