Postgraduate student bursary

The next deadline for receipt of applications is 11th January 2019. Decisions about awards will be made at the April 2019 Council meeting. The sum of £4000 is available.

Bursary Reports are posted here.

Applications are invited for a number of bursaries which are awarded by the Society. The purpose of these awards is to support academic work by allowing attendance at overseas conferences and meetings; encouraging international collaboration involving research of high merit; or supporting fieldwork.

Applications, (including estimated total cost and any other support anticipated), should be received by the Executive Director by the closing date. They can be submitted electronically or by post (must be mailed two days (based on postmark) before the official deadline). The applications must include a statement of support by the applicant’s academic supervisor. They are vetted on the basis of:

  • scientific merit (primary criterion),
  • has the candidate received money from a Society source previously? (secondary criterion);
  • all other things being equal, members will be favoured over non-members
  • the work being done must be critical to the achievement of a degree,
  • money to pay for the use of internal facilities should not be allowed in any circumstances

by a subcommittee of Council (including one of the Vice-Presidents, who will chair the committee, and the chairs of the special interest groups). The award(s) will be made annually and the sum available will be £4000 accruing to the fund each year. Donations made by members and others will be added to the fund in the year received. Ordinarily, bursaries will be limited to a maximum of £500 or 50% of the total cost of a visit (whichever is smaller). Applicants are allowed to receive more than one award (but not in the same year) from the Society/Special interest group, but must include details of previous awards in their application. Applications, which must be in advance of the proposed trip, are welcomed from any postgraduate student in an appropriate discipline. The Society reserves the right to make no awards. There is only one round of Society awards per year. Any unused bursary money from one year will accumulate to the fund for use in the following year. Members of Council will not be eligible for the award. If the scheme is oversubscribed, then preference will be given to Mineralogical Society Members.

Those interested should download a copy of the Application form, complete it, and send it to the Executive Director, Kevin Murphy, or by post to the Society’s Twickenham address.

Application form