Forthcoming Mineralogical Society Meetings

Mineralogical Society meetings are held in London and at Universities and other institutions throughout Britain and occasionally in Ireland. Joint meetings are often arranged with other organisations, such as the Geological Society, the Royal Society, the Meteoritical Society, the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining, etc.

Check here for a list of other meetings maintained on behalf of Elements by Andrea Koziol. A separate list also appears in Elements.

Check here for reports from previous meetings (including reports by the convenors, photographs, presentations, and in some cases, recordings).

The Society has created a set of guidelines on how to organise a meeting on behalf of the Society.


Peer Review Workshop by the Mineralogical Society, in conjunction with Cambridge University Press
28 January 2022 @ 12 noon (90 min duration), no charge to attend

Clay Minerals Group Jubilee Meeting – 75th Anniversary
25 –26 May 2022
NHM, London


European Mineralogical Conference 2024
18–23 2024
Dublin, Ireland