Society personnel

Each year vacancies arise on Council and on other Society committees. Members and Fellows are encouraged to contribute to the running of the Society by volunteering to serve in some capacity. Job descriptions for all positions on Council (Society trustees) are given here. Contact Kevin Murphy any time for information about how best you can serve your Society. Click here to download a council nomination form.

Council and other committees

Council consists of the Officers, the Ordinary Members of Council and the chairs of the Special Interest Groups (or their representatives). The numbers in parentheses indicate the final year of office.



President: H. Downes (17) (e-mail)
Secretary: J. Horák (22) (e-mail )
Treasurer: J. Adams (19) (e-mail )
Publications Manager: P. Treloar (20) (e-mail )
PRO: P. Pogge von Strandmann (22) (e-mail )
Prinicpal Editor, Mineralogical Magazine: P. Williams (18) (e-mail )
Prinicpal Editor, Mineralogical Magazine: R. Mitchell (18) (e-mail )
Prinicpal Editor, Clay Minerals: G. Christidis (19) (e-mail)
Elements Representative: M.E. Hodson (e-mail )


Ordinary members of council

M. Anand (18) (e-mail )
S. Broom Fendley (19) (e-mail)
S. Mills (18) (e-mail)
C. Petrone (19) (e-mail )
M. Tyrer (17) (e-mail )
C. Warren (19) (e-mail)



C. Corkhill (17) (e-mail)
J. Harvey (18) (e-mail)

Custodian Trustees

J.N. Walsh (17) (e-mail)
D. Wray (23) (e-mail)
J. Bowles (21) (e-mail)


Distinguished Lecturer co-ordinator

D. Pyle (19), (e-mail)


Awards committee

Chair: K. Goodenough (19) (e-mail)

AMG – Hannah Hughes (e-mail)
CMG – D. Wray (e-mail)
GG – J. Harvey (e-mail)
GMBN – V. Phoenix (email)
EMG –  C. Corkhill (e-mail)
MSG – A. Bird (e-mail)
MPG – G. Bromiley (e-mail)
– M. Widdowson (e-mail)

Special Interest Groups


Applied Mineralogy Group

Chair: H. Hughes e-mail
Secretary: E. Deady 
Treasurer: J. Bowles 
Student representative: G. Guice
J. Naden e-mail, G. Rollinson (e-mail ) L. Campbell e-mail, M. Tyrer, co-opted webemail; D. Smith emailweb; Alicja Lacinska, Jon Naden, Simon Dominy, John MacDonald, Will Brownscombe, T. Edwards e-mail

Clay Minerals Group

Chair: S.J. Kemp e-mailweb
Secretary: H. Pendlowski e-mailweb
Treasurer: F. Clegg  e-mailweb
Editor of Clay Minerals:  G.E. Christidis e-mailweb
Members: C. Greenwell e-mail; web, S. Hillier e-mailweb, A. Neumann e-mail; web; B. Sarkar e-mail; web, N. Skipper e-mailweb, K. Taylor e-mailweb, C. Williams (co-opted) e-mailweb, D. Wray e-mailweb,

Environmental Mineralogy Group

Chair: C. Corkhill e-mail
Secretary: O. Moore 
Treasurer: V
. Coker e-mailwebH. Buss e-mailweb 
Student representative:
Communications and Post-Doctoral rep: Andy Bray
Industrial representative: Divyesh Travedi 
James Graham
Members: J. Rushton
e-mailwebD. Read, e-mailwebLoredana Brinza e-mail
Daniel Crean; Caroline Peacock; Steve Parry

Geochemistry Group

Chair: J. Harvey e-mailweb
Secretary: C. Pearce e-mail
Treasurer: S. Hammond e-mail
Communications Officer: W. Fraser e-mail
Student Representative: R. Shuttleworth e-mail
Members: P. Anand e-mailP. Clay e-mailN. Potts e-mail, D. van Acken e-mail, C. Storey e-mail, C. Maerz e-mail, A. Burke e-mail
M.-A. Millet e-mailS. Little e-mail.

Geomicrobiology Network

Chair: Vernon Phoenix email
Secretary: Karen Olsson-Francis email
Treasurer: Geoff Gadd emailweb
Post-doctoral representative and communications officer: S. Nixon email
Post-graduate student representative: A. Sherry email ; web 
Members: T. Clarke emailweb, C. Cockell emailweb, V. Coker emailweb, I. Head emailweb, B. Johnson emailweb, L. Mackaskie emailweb, J. Parkes  email, J. Santini emailweb, J. Small email ; web

Metamorphic Studies Group

Chair: A. Bird e-mail 
Secretary: L. Megenon e-mail 
Treasurer: Ralf Halama e-mail
Members: E. Bruand e-mail
, Catherine Mottram e-mail, Owen Weller e-mail, Thomas Mueller e-mailIvan Savov e-mail, Luca Menegon e-mail, Nigel Harris e-mail, Alicia Lopez-Carmona e-mail  (overseas rep), James Darling e-mail, T. Argles e-mail, P. TreloarC. Warren
Post-grad rep + social media: Eleni Wood e-mail

Mineral Physics Group

Chair: A. Walker e-mailweb 
Secretary: G. Bromiley e-mailweb
Treasurer: J. Wookey e-mailweb
Members: M. Walter e-mail; webS. Ashbrook e-mailweb, R. Harrison e-mailwebHans Larsen, e-mailweb, Andrew Thomson e-mail

Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group

Chair: S. Gibson e-mail
Secretary: R. Brown e-mail 
Treasurer: V. Smith 
Student rep: R. Astburye-mail
Website: P. Marshall (co-opted) e-mail
Social Media: S. Mikhail e-mail

M.Branney e-mailweb, J. Millett e-mailweb; S. Engwell e-mail; J. Kendrick e-mail; M. Cassidey e-mail; G. Cooper e-mail