Membership rates

Up to and including 2022, the following membership rates apply

  •  Fellow/member:  £55
  • Student (first year):  free
  • Student: (subsequent years):  £19

Membership includes a complimentary subscription to Elements (both paper and online), the internationally renowned multi-Society magazine. It also includes complimentary access to the online versions of Mineralogical Magazine and Clay Minerals.

  • A print copy of Mineralogical Magazine will cost £60
  • A print copy of Clay Minerals will cost £60
  • Print copies of both journals will cost: £100

Our aim is to focus on the online version of the journal. This will save on production and mailing costs; the real cost of printing and mailing journals is allocated to those who wish to continue to avail of the paper journal service.

To pay your membership dues, go to the membership part of the Society website. You will need the email address you used when joining the Society and a password you created when you first registered to access your online membership entitlements (e.g. access to the journals). If you have not yet registered, you can do so during your first visit. Society staff can help with any information you might need during registration.