Distinguished Lecturer Programme

The Distinguished Lecturer programme has the aim to promote interest and discussions across the broad field of Mineral Sciences (including all aspects of petrology and geochemistry at the Earth’s surface and at depth) and the Mineralogical Society has appointed two lecturers, both of whom are good communicators and experts in their fields, to give lectures at universities and related institutions. The lectures will be aimed to appeal to undergraduates and research students as well as more advanced scientists. To promote the lectures, the Mineralogical Society pays the travel expenses of the lecturers; the host departments cover any accommodation and dining expenses.


Distinguished Lecturers 2019-20


Previous Distinguished Lecturers


Dr Claire Corkhill (University of Sheffield
Dr Sarah Gleeson (GFZ Helmholz Centre, Potsdam, and Freie Universität, Berlin)


Dr Dan Smith (Leicester University)
Dr Helen Williams (Cambridge University)


Prof. Tamsin Mather (Oxford University)
Prof. Sam Shaw (University of Manchester)


Prof. Eva Valsami-Johnes (University of Birmingham)
Prof. Barrie Johnson (Bangor Univerisity)


Prof. K. Morris (University of Manchester)
Prof. K. Cashman (Bristol University)


Prof. J. Brodholt (University College London)
Prof. R. Ellam  (University of Glasgow)


Professor Randy Parrish (University of Leicester)
Dr John Maclennan  (Cambridge University)


Dr Richard Harrison (Cambridge University)
Dr Jeff Harris (Glasgow University)


Professor David Manning (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
Professor Tony Fallick (SUERC, East Kilbride)


Professor Liane Benning (Leeds University)
Dr Marian Holness (University of Cambridge)


Professor J. Blundy (University of Bristol)
Professor D.J. Vaughan (University of Manchester)


Geological Society Lectures