Geomicrobiology Network Seminar Series

During the academic year 2020/21, the Geomicrobiology Network ran a Seminar series. A further series will commence for 2021/22.

The aim of these seminars is to facilitate knowledge sharing, exchange of ideas and networking amongst our community. These seminars typically consisted of a 40 minute presentation, followed by 15 minutes of questions and discussion. They were great opportunities to see and interact with familiar and new faces amongst our geomicrobiology community. Delegates are asked to register but there is no charge.

2020-2021 Speakers and links to videos

8 Oct 2020 Sophie Nixon   Microbial iron reduction in extreme environments  

22 Oct 2020

Rosa Santomartino   Harnessing the power of microbe-mineral interaction in space: BioRock and BioAsteroid   Video
5 Nov 2020

Liz Bagshaw   Cryoconite: what, where, why, how?   Video
19 Nov 2020

Olga Golyshina   Acidophiles and cold temperature archaea   Video
3 Dec 2020

Jon Telling   What lies beneath – past and present research into subglacial biogeochemistry   Video
17 Dec 2020

Casey Bryce   Microbial iron oxidation and banded iron formations   Video
7 Jan 2021 Ciara Keating   From macro-to-micro scale – Method development of an anaerobic live-imaging platform for industrially relevant anaerobic cells   Video
21 Jan 2021 Jon Lloyd   Going underground; how the subsurface microbiome may offer the key to unlocking sustainable life   Video
4 Feb 2021

Ashish Malik   Linking microbial communities to soil carbon cycling under anthropogenic change using a trait-based framework   Video
18 Feb 2021 Charles Cockell   Geobiology in the z axis   Video
4 Mar 2021 Clara Chan   How microbes rust the Earth: Insights from field studies, culturing and ‘omics   Video
18 Mar 2021 Andrea Bravo   Interplays between physico-chemistry and mercury methylators    Video
1 Apr 2021 James Bradley   Energy limits to life in the deep biosphere   Video
15 Apr 2021 Katherine Duncan   Polar antibiotic exploration – awakening ancient Antarctic bacteria    
29 Apr 2021 Mark Fox-Powell   Searching for life below the ice in the outer solar system    Video
13 May 2021 Cristina Catto   Biofilms and building stone biodegradation   Video
27 May 2021 Terry McGenity   Limits to Microbial Life: Slow, Salty, Subterranean Survival   Video


Field photo from Katherine Duncan