Geomicrobiology Network Seminar Series

The Geomicrobiology Network is running a fortnightly online seminar series starting on October 8th, 2020. The aim of these seminars is to facilitate knowledge sharing, exchange of ideas and networking amongst our community. These seminars will typically consist of a 40 minute presentation, followed by 15 minutes of questions and discussion. They should be a great opportunity to see and interact with familiar and new faces amongst our geomicrobiology community. Delegates are asked to register but note that there is no charge.


Forthcoming speakers and titles

8 Oct. 2020, (12–1 pm) Sophie Nixon Microbial iron reduction in extreme environments Video to be posted at a later date
22 Oct. 2020
(12–1 pm)
Rosa Santomartino Harnessing the power of microbe-mineral interaction in space: BioRock and BioAsteroid Video to be posted at a later date
5 Nov. 2020
(12–1 pm)
Liz Bagshaw Cryoconite: what, where, why, how? Register
19 Nov. 2020
(12–1 pm)
Olga Golyshina Acidophiles and cold temperature archaea Register
3 Dec. 2020
(12–1 pm)
Jon Telling Subglacial geomicrobiology Register
17 Dec. 2020
(12–1 pm)
Casey Bryce Microbial iron oxidation and banded iron formations Register