Applied Mineralogy Group Open Geoscience Talks

The next in our series of ‘Open Geoscience Talks’, hosted by the Applied Mineralogy group, will take place on 27th May 2021 and will consist of a presentation by Dr David McNamara.

Details are given below:



Scheduled talks and links to videos of previous talks are listed below:

9 December 2021 Martin Smith   Mineralogy and geomicrobiology of microbially influenced steel corrosion in marine environments   Register
27 May 2021 David McNamara   Insights into scaling within fractured geothermal reservoir from microanalysis    
March 2021 Éva Hartai   Production of energy and metals in an interlinked process: how ultra-deep metal enrichments can be utilised   Video
28th Jan 2021 Juerg Matter   Rapid & permanent greenhouse gas removal via carbon dioxide mineralisation – the CarbFix project   Video
26th Nov 2020 Phil Renforth   The potential of alkaline mineral materials for CO2 removal from the atmosphere   Video





The series is hosted by the Applied Mineralogy Group and organized by Alicja Lacinska.