Student awards

The Society’s Departmental Representatives, at each Earth Science and Geology Department in the UK and Ireland, nominates the second-year student with the highest ranking marks in Mineralogy and Petrology, or an equivalent exam. The award winners receive free Student membership of the Society for two years, one of the Society’s recent book publications and a certificate.

Here is a list of the awards made for 2020. Many congratulations to the winners.

Trinity College Dublin Ethan Brady-Arnold
University College London Bethany Pittard
National University of Ireland, Galway Amy Benaim
University of Southampton Isobel Nicolaysen
Newcastle University Wing Yan Ye
University of Birmingham  Mia Wroe
University of Plymouth Elissa Gillies
University of Manchester  Benjamin Mayor
Durham University Maeve McLoughlin
Imperial College James  Wood
University of Brighton Isaac Watkins
St. Andrews University  Alessia Paschodimas
University of Hull Stefan  Percy
Keele University Joshua Catton
University of Derby Lauren Martin
University of Liverpool Sam King
Aberystwyth Daniel Schoen
University College Dublin Elizabeth  Andres
University of Cardiff Grace Kinnell
University of Portsmouth Sarah Holt
University of Cambridge  Joseph Benson
University of Edinburgh Akinori Suganuma
University of Leicester  Gemma Brown
University of Exeter  Lydia Bridges
University of Aberdeen  Katrina Court
University of East Anglia  Bridie Duchesne
Bristol University  Dan Evans
University of Exeter  Ben Clitheroe
University of Glasgow  Keri McCafferty
Birkbeck College Anastasia Kokori