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Vol. 50, June 2015
Qualitiative and quantitative mineralogical composition of the Rupelian Boom Clay in Belgium
E. Zeelmaekers, M. Honty, A. Derkowski, J. Srodon, M. De Craen, N. Vandenberghe, R. Adriaens, K. Ufer and L. Wouters
Appendix 1 (The determination of average grain size, sorting (gradation), skewness and kurtosis)
Appendix 2 (Chemical composition of the dune sediments from the study area, shoreline (% and ppm).     
Appendix 3 (Coefficient correlations between elements on beach sediments in study area)
Appendix 4 (Results of factor analysis for beach sediments in the study area)

Vol. 49, September 2014
Weathering, sedimentary and diagenetic controls of mineral and geochemical characteristics of the vertebrate-bearing
Silesian Keuper
J. Srodon, J. Szulc, A. Anczkiewicz, K. Jewula, M. Banas and L. Marynowski
Table 1, Table 2

Vol. 49, June 2014
Genesis of Late Miocene-Pliocene lacustrine palygorskite and calcretes from Kırsehir, central Anatolia, Turkey
S. Kadir, M. Eren, T. Kulah, N. Onalgil , M. Cesur and A. Gurel
Extended Table 2 

Vol. 43, March 2008
Mössbauer spectroscopy of phyllosilicates: effects of fitting models on recoil-free fractions and redox ratios.
M.D. Dyar, M.W. Schaefer, E.C. Sklute and J.L. Bishop
Supplementary Data