Landmark papers

Volume 1. Volcanic Petrology

This the first book in the Landmark series of collected papers that aims to cover the key areas of the mineral sciences. Prof. Carmichael of the University of California, one of the world’s foremost petrologists, introduces each paper and discusses its influence on the modern understanding of volcanic petrology.

Topics covered

  • Variety and relations among volcanic rocks
  • Silicic magmas and eruptive products
  • Andesites and arc volcanism
  • Evolution of basaltic magmas
  • Mid-ocean ridge basalts (MORBs)
  • Ultramafic liquids: Komatiites
  • Magma mixing (subduction-related magmas
    and MORBs)
  • The volatile component in volcanic rocks
  • Extraterrestrial petrology
  • References

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Volume 2. Structure Topology

Papers selected and commentary by F.C. Hawthorne

Structure Topology the second volume of collected papers in the Landmark series. Prof. Frank Hawthorne of the University of Manitoba re-examines a series of seminal papers which help us to focus on the key issues concerning structural connectivity in inorganic solids, of which minerals are a key component. and to look at where we are today in our understanding of crystal structures. Diego Gatta in Mineralogical Magazine writes that “the publication of these landmark papers, accompanied by Hawthorne’s commentaries, will be useful not only for undergraduate or PhD students, but for all structural mineralogists. This collection provides valuable insights into the evolution of structural mineralogy and its wider application to petrology.”

Topics covered

  • Bond topology and minerals
  • The structure of complex ionic crystals
  • The structure of silicates
  • Stereoisomerism among octahedral crystals and tetrahedral chains
  • Empirical bond-valence – bond-length curves for oxides
  • Systematic retrieval and classification of edge-sharing clusters
  • Non-existent silicates
  • Chemical structuring and bonding
  • Graphical enumeration of polyhedral crystals
  • Energetic content of bond topology
  • The role of OH and H2O and oxysalt mineralsFormat A4 Paperback, 301 pages
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Volume 3. Metamorphic Petrology

Papers selected and commentary by B.W. Evans

Metamorphic Petrology is a field that was barely defined at the beginning of the 20th century but blossomed rapidly to a point where many of the first order problems had been resolved by the century’s end, opening up a whole range of new research opportunities. Professor Bernard Evans of the University of Washington has selected a collection of papers from diverse sources and his valuable commentary on each paper places it in the context of what has gone before. The papers document the major achievements of the field, but also the new challenges that it has set itself.

Topics covered

  • The laws of metamorphism
  • Barrovian metamorphism
  • The metamorphic facies
  • Metamorphism of limestone and the petrogenetic grid
  • Composition projections
  • Mixed volatiles
  • Blueschists
  • Pseudosections
  • Thermal models of collision belts
  • Mineral thermometry
  • Thermodynamic database of minerals
  • Fluid driven metamorphism
  • Kinetics: experiment and theory
  • Ultra-high pressure metamorphism
  • Kinetics: field

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Volume 4, Granite Petrogenesis

A compilation of landmark papers on granite petrogenesis is overdue. This volume is organised into a number of sections that rep­resent what the editors regard as the main research fields in
which progress has been made in understanding granites and their genesis. The origin of granitic magmas is part of the cycle that unites tectonic processes with the generation of mantle magma, crustal growth, the transfer of mantle heat to the crust, high-grade regional metamorphism, crustal melting and crustal differentiation. The extended subject area is far too wide to deal with in a single volume and therefore the selec­tion has been limited to papers dealing with the formation, physical behaviour and chemical evolution of granitic magmas, and just touching on the matter of associated ore deposits.

John (JC) Clemens and Fernando Bea are world experts on the subject of granite petrogenesis. Clemens’ most important work has been on the origin and evolution of granites and silicic volcanic magmas, experimental studies and modelling of partial melting and the ascent and chemical evolution of granitic magmas, and these continue to be his main interests. Bea’s research interests have been in the petrology and geochemistry of granite rocks and the mechanisms of generation of granite magmas, having studied in detail the role of heat-producing elements.

Topics covered:

  • On the formation of granite
  • Granites and granites
  • The generation of batholiths
  • Nd isotopes and Proterozoic crust-mantle evolution
  • Thermal and tectonic regimes
  • The generation of granitic magmas by basalt intrusion
  • No water, no granites – no oceans, no continents
  • Granite emplacement mechanisms
  • Granitic magma transport by fracture propagation
  • Water, granite and continents
  • The magnetite-series and ilmenite-series granitic rocks
  • Zircon saturation
  • Models for granitoid evolution
  • The melting of granite
  • Experimentally deduced water content of a granite magma
  • Water-saturated and -undersaturated melting of metaluminous and peraluminous crust
  • Experimental fluid-absent melting in the pelitic system
  • Residence of REE, Y, Th and U in granites and crustal protoliths
  • Late-stage processes of felsic magmatism

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