Volume 11

Layered mineral structures and their Application in Advanced Technologies

(M.F. Brigatti and A. Mottana, editors)

ISBN: 978-0-903056-29-8

xvi + 376 pp.

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” The importance of this book is derived from the coverage of the fundamental, yet complex layered structures that are possible from combining one or more layer types. Such combinations help make new-aged technological materials or enable ways to interpret old-aged geological materials.”     “…..the bottom line is that EMU 11 is a very nice review volume for state-of-the-art layered mineral characterization methods.”  Elements

Chapter 1: Structure and mineralogy of layer silicates: recent perspectives and new trends
Maria Franca Brigatti, Daniele Malferrari, Angela Laurora and Chiara Elmi

Chapter 2: An Overview of Order/Disorder in Hydrous Phyllosilicates
Stephen Guggenheim

Chapter 3: Layered titanosilicates
Zhi Lin, Filipe A. Almeida Paz and João Rocha

Chapter 4: Modelling of X-ray diffraction profiles: Investigation of defective lamellar structure crystal chemistry
Bruno Lanson

Chapter 5: Applications of computational atomistic methods to phyllosilicates
C. Ignacio Sainz-Díaz

Chapter 6: The concept of layer charge of smectites and its implications for important smectite-water properties
George E. Christidis

Chapter 7: Intercalation processes of layered minerals
Faïza Bergaya and Gerhard Lagaly

Chapter 8: Advanced techniques to define intercalation processes
Annibale Mottana and Luca Aldega

Chapter 9: Interaction of organic molecules with layer silicates, oxides and hydroxides and related surface-nano-characterization techniques
Giovanni Valdré, Daniele Moro and Gianfranco Ulian

Chapter 10: The surface properties of clay minerals
Robert A. Schoonheydt and Cliff T. Johnston

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