Volume 13

Environmental Mineralogy II

(D.J. Vaughan and R.A. Wogelius, editors)

ISBN: 978-0-903056-32-8

xv + 489 pp.

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Chapter 1: Introduction: The nature and scope of environmental mineralogy
David J. Vaughan

Chapter 2: Analytical, experimental and computational methods in environmental mineralogy
Roy A. Wogelius and David J. Vaughan

Chapter 3: Minerals and soil development
David A.C. Manning

Chapter 4: Mineralogy of marine sediment systems: a geochemical framework
Andrew C. Aplin and Kevin G. Taylor

Chapter 5: Microbial controls on the mineralogy of the environment
Susan A. Welch and Jillian F. Banfield

Chapter 6: Atmospheric aerosol particles: a mineralogical introduction
Mihály Pósfai and Ágnes Molnár

Chapter 7: Mineralogy of mine wastes and strategies for remediation
David W. Blowes, Carol J. Ptacek and John L. Jambor

Chapter 8: Suitability of minerals for controlled landfills and containment
Rita Hermanns Stengele and Michael Plötze

Chapter 9: Mineralogy in long-term nuclear-waste management
Charles Curtis and Katherin Morris

Chapter 10: Mineralogy and Cultural Heritage Conservation
Giacomo Chiari

Chapter 11: Minerals and human health
Catherine Skinner

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