Volume 15

Planetary Mineralogy
(M.R. Lee and H. Leroux, editors)

This volume of the EMU Notes in Mineralogy is one of the outcomes of a school in planetary mineralogy that was held in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2014. The school was inspired by the recent advances in our understanding of the nature and evolution of our Solar System that have come from the missions to study and sample asteroids and comets, and the very successful Mars orbiters and landers. At the same time, our horizons have expanded greatly with the discovery of extrasolar protoplanetary disks, planets and planetary systems by space telescopes. The continued success of such telescopic and robotic exploration requires a supply of highly skilled people and so one of the goals of the Glasgow school was to help build a community of early-career planetary scientists and space engineers.

ISBN: 978-0903056-55-7

xii + 301 pp.

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Chapter 1: Chondritic meteorites and early solar system solids
Ian S. Sanders

Chapter 2: Organics in primitive meteorites
Laurent Remusat

Chapter 3: Aqueous alteration in chondritic asteroids and comets from the study of carbonaceous chondrites
Josep M. Trigo-Rodriguez

Chapter 4: Impact metamorphism in terrestrial and experimental cratering events
Alex Deutsch, Michael H. Poelchau and Thomas Kenkmann

Chapter 5: Lunar geology
M. Anand, J.J. Barnes and L.J. Hallis

Chapter 6: Noble gas chemistry of planetary materials
Julia A. Cartwright

Chapter 7: Isotopic analyses of primitive meteorites
Jutta Zipfel

Chapter 8: Shocked rocks: impacts from the laboratory to the Solar System
Mark J. Burchell

Chapter 9: Micrometeorites
Luigi Folco and Carole Cordier