Departmental Representatives

The Society has a representative in each university in the British Isles which has a department of geology/earth science (or related science). These representatives are very helpful to the Society in terms of:

  • promoting the Society and membership to students and staff in each department
  • helping with the Student Award scheme
  • advertising Society events
  • advertising Society publications
  • encouraging colleagues to make nominations for Society awards

Please contact your local representative (or the Society office) if you would like more information about the Society

Malcolm Hole Aberdeen
Nick  Pearce Aberystwyth
Hilary  Downes Birbeck
James Wheeley Birmingham
Norman Moles Brighton
Simon Kohn Bristol
Owen Weller Cambridge
Andrew Kerr Cardiff
John Reavy Cork
Katy  Chamberlain Derby
Stephen Daly Dublin, University College
Janice  Oakes Durham
Jennie Turner East Anglia
Linda Kerstein Edinburgh
Ben Williamson Exeter
Sadhbh Baxter Galway
Martin Lee Glasgow
Dave Wray Greenwich
Mike  Widdowson Hull 
Gill Davies Imperial 
Ralf Gertisser Keele 
Andy Swan Kingston
Kevin Jones Lancaster   
Jason Harvey Leeds
Dave Holwell Leicester
Elisabetta Mariani Liverpool
Graham Sherwood Liverpool John Moores 
Alison Pawley Manchester
Dave Manning Newcastle
Tom Argles Open University
Jennifer  Felsenberg Oxford 
Colin  Wilkins  Plymouth
Craig Storey Portsmouth
Julie  Brown Royal Holloway 
Terry Prince Southampton 
Lesley-Anne Harrison St. Andrews
Emma Tomlinson Trinity College Dublin 
Philip Pogge von Strandmann University College London