Metamorphic Studies Group Virtual Research in Progress 2020

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Below is the schedule for our two days of events. Note that fine timing for the poster sessions may change. The entries in the list of posters are hyperlinked to copies of the posters. These are password protected and only those who have registered for the event will be sent a copy of the password. Delegates are encouraged to visit hte posters and to leave comments for the authors. You will also have an opportunity to make comments during the poster sessions on 27th and 28th May.

Wednesday 27th May 2020

Oral Session

13.45–14.00 Speakers’ Briefing

14.00–14.05 Introduction by Chair of Metamorphic Studies Group, Catherine Mottram

14.05-14.20 The controls on the thermal evolution of continental mountain ranges
Alex Copley and Owen Weller

14.20–14.35 How did the Archaean crust evolve? Insights from the structure and petrology of the Lewisian of Scotland
S.R. Miocevich (STUDENT), A. Copley, O.M. Weller

14.35–14.50 Interactions of stress and chemical processes in the Earth
John Wheeler

14.50–15.05 Pre-orogenic upper crustal softening by lower greenschist facies metamorphic reactions in crystalline basement units (example of central Pyrenees)
Laura Airaghi, Nicolas Bellahsen, Benoît Dubacq, David Chew, Claudio Rosenberg, Emilie Janots, Maxime Waldner and Valérie Magnin

15.05–15.20 Drainage of subduction interface fluids into the fore-arc mantle evidenced by a pristine jadeitite network (Polar Urals)
Samuel Angiboust, Johannes Glodny, Aitor Cambeses, Tom Raimondo, Patrick Monié, Michael Popov, Antonio Garcia-Casco

15.20–15.35 Metamorphism on the Moon Recorded by the Granulite Suite
J. F. Pernet-Fisher and K. H Joy

15.35–15.50 Break

Poster Session

15.50–15.55 Introduction to Poster Session – B. Kunz

15.55–16.05 Behaviour of critical metals in micas during metamorphism
Barbara E. Kunz, Clare J. Warren, Nigel B.W. Harris, Tom W. Argles, Frances E. Jenner

16.05–16.15 Origin of metasomatic fluids in subducted continental crust and implications for volatile recycling in subduction zones
B.J.R. Harris (STUDENT), J.C.M. De Hoog, S.L. Harley, R. Halama and H.-P. Schertl

16.15–16.25 From local dewatering to large-scale flushing during burial in the blueschist facies: Insights from a pervasively fractured metamorphic terrane.
Jesús Munoz-Montecinos (STUDENT), Samuel Angiboust, Antonio García-Casco, Johannes Glodny and Gray Bebout

16.25–16.35 On the origin and geodynamic significance of eclogite in the Brunovistulian terrane at the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif
Stephen Collett, Pavla Štípská, Karel Schulmann, Jitka Míková and John Hora

16.35–16.45 Halogens in metasomatic garnet websterite and eclogite from the Western Gneiss Region, Norway: implications for subcontinental mantle metasomatism
R. Burgess, L. Hughes, S.J. Cuthbert, A. Quas-Cohen, A. Pawley and G.T.R. Droop

16.45–16.55 Retrograde Tectonics of the Stadlandet Peninsula, Western Gneiss Region, Norway
Isabel S. M. Carter (STUDENT), Phillip Gopon, David J. Waters and Andrew Parsons

16.55–17.05 Spatial variation of deformation in the Western Gneiss Region: implications on UHP exhumation
Joanna Male (STUDENT), Andrew Parsons, Rellie Goddard, Phillip Gopon and David J. Waters

17.05–17.15 Reflectance spectral features of Koan hornfelses, at Dikeos Massif contact metamorphic aureole, Aegean Sea
M. Kokkaliari (STUDENT), C. Kanellopoulos and I. Iliopoulos

17.15–17.25 Lawsonite eclogite and blue schist from Syros, Greece: Insights into the fluid pathways in subducted crust and the eclogite-blueschist transition
Thomas Lamont and Richard White

17.30 Social

Thursday 28th May 2020

Oral Session

13.45–14.00 Speakers’ Briefing

14.05 Introduction

14.05-14.20 Not all kyanite is created equal – The petrogenesis of kyanite migmatites in Eastern Bhutan
S.E. Phillips (STUDENT), T.W Argles, N.B.W Harris, C.J. Warren, N.M.W. Roberts and B. Kunz

14.20–14.35 Quantitative automated mineralogy to constrain metamorphic processes using ZEISS Mineralogic
Richard J.M. Taylor

14.35–14.50 Reaction Affinity Patterns in Rocks with Porphyroblasts
C. T. (Tom) Foster, Jr.

14.50–15.05 LA-ICP-MS mapping of granulite-facies monazite: textural insights and implications for petrochronology
Owen Weller, Simon Jackson, William Miller, Marc St-Onge and Nicole Rayner

15.05–15.20 Microtectonic analysis of the Teziutlan metamorphic complex, Puebla State, Mexico: Mylonitic deformation in the late Paleozoic
Luis Javier Gutiérrez-Trejo (STUDENT), Mario A. Ramos-Arias, Edgar Ángeles-Moreno, José Martín Yáñez-Limón, Adair Jiménez-Nieto and Teresa Pi-Puig

15.20–15.35 Barrow Award Winner 2020: Dating metamorphism and other stories: Travels through PTt space
C. Warren (no abstract)

15.35–15.50 Break

Poster Session

15.50–15.55 Introduction to Poster Session – C. Mottram; O. Weller

15.55–16.05 Microstructural Controls on the Crystallization of Garnet: An Example from the Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia
Allie Nagurney (STUDENT) and Mark Caddick

16.05–16.15 P-T path determination using phase equilibria modelling with multiple fractionation of garnet in a metapelite
Carlos Iván Lembo Wuest (STUDENT), Samanta Serra-Varela, Sebastián O. Verdecchia, Juan A. Murra, Manuela E. Benitez, Gladis Palacio Balderramo

16.15–16.25 Post-kinematic and matrix-dependent garnet nucleation and growth in the inverted Barrovian metamorphic sequence of the Sikkim Himalaya
Freya R. George and Fred Gaidies

16.25–16.35 Prograde UHP metamorphism in felsic and mafic lithologies and clues to pre-Himalayan metamorphism in the Tso Morari dome, Ladakh, Himalaya
A.K. Bidgood (STUDENT), D.J. Waters and M.P. Searle

16.35–16.45 Leucogranites in the Garhwal Himalaya: The story according to zircon
Charlie J. Oldman (STUDENT), Clare J. Warren, Christopher J. Spencer, Tom W. Argles

16.45–16.55 Provenance and geochemistry of metasedimentary rocks in the basement of the Sierra Madre terrane, Mexico: Implications of deposition along the western margin of Pangea
Sonia Alejandra Torres Sánchez , Carita Augustsson, Uwe Jenchen, José Rafael Barboza Gudiño, Andreas Gärtner, Mandy Hofmann, Ulf Linnemann, Carlos Mario Morales Bautista

16.55–17.05 Juxtaposed high- and low-pressure metamorphic field gradients rocks and its tectonic implications, a study case of Turvo-Cajati Formation, Ribeira Belt, Brazil
B.S. Ricardo (STUDENT), R. Moraes, F. M. Faleiros, O. Siga Júnior, G. Campanha, C.M. Mottram

17.05–17.15 New insights from the Fammatinian-Quetame-Caparonensis orogenic event in the Northern Andes (NW South America)
Diego O. Ruiz-Portilla (STUDENT), Carlos A. García-Ramírez and Vaness Rey-Leon

17.15–17.25 A detailed petrological study of the metamorphic retrogression textures of the granulitic Oaxacan Complex, México
M.M. Almazán-López (STUDENT), F. Ortega-Gutiérrez and V. Colás

17.25–17.35 The Raspas Complex (Ecuador): A fragment of a J-K melange belt in the NW corner of the South American plate
M.C. Arrieta-Prieto (STUDENT), C.A. Zuluaga-Castrillón, O.M. Castellanos-Alarcón and J.D. Hernández-Montenegro

17.35 Student Social