Volume 16

Mineral reaction kinetics: Microstructures, textures, chemical and isotopic signatures
(W. Heinrich and R. Abart, editors)

In the late 20th century advances in experimentation and in material characterization fostered the development of internally consistent thermodynamic data. This volume emerged from a joint initiative of a team of researchers backgrounds in mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry, etc. who were brought together through ‘geomaterials research’.

ISBN: 978-0903056-63-2

xv + 651 pp.

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Chapter 1. Introduction
by R. Abart and W. Heinrich

Chapter 2. New avenues in experimentation on diffusion-controlled mineral reactions
R. Milke, W. Heinrich, L. Götze and S. Schorr

Chapter 3. Scanning electron microscopy and electron backscatter diffraction
S. Zaefferer and G. Habler

Chapter 4. Spatially resolved materials characterization with TEM
R. Wirth

Chapter 5. Trace element and isotope analysis using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
E. Deloule and N. Valle

Chapter 6. Spatially resolved materials characterization using synchrotron radiation
C. G. Schroer

Chapter 7. Thermodynamic modelling of irreversible processes
J. Svoboda, F. D. Fischer and E. Kozeschnik

Chapter 8. Atomic-scale modelling of crystal defects, self-diffusion and deformation processes
S. Jahn and X.-Y. Sun

Chapter 9.  Diffusion: Some mathematical foundations and applications in mineralogy
E. Petrishcheva and R. Abart

Chapter 10. Interfaces
E. Petrishcheva and R. Abart

Chapter 11. Nucleation in geological materials
F. Gaidies

Chapter 12.  Dynamic crystallization in magmas
S. Mollo and J. E. Hammer

Chapter 13. Reactions between minerals and aqueous solutions
E. Ruiz-Agudo, C. V. Putnis and C. Rodríguez-Navarro

Chapter 14. Metamorphic mineral reactions: Porphyroblast, corona and symplectite growth
F. Gaidies, R. Milke, W. Heinrich and R. Abart

Chapter 15. Crystallographic orientation relationships
G. Habler and T. Griffiths

Chapter 16.  Reaction-induced fracturing: Chemical-mechanical feedback
O. I. Ulven and A. Malthe-Sørenssen

Chapter 17. Kinetics of stable and radiogenic isotope exchange in geological and planetary processes
J. A. Van Orman and M. J. Krawczynski