New Topics Meeting 1, 2020 – Diffusion


Diffusion in Minerals, Rocks and Melts: Potential and Pitfalls

Image Courtesy of Victoria Martin

NEW DATES    26 AND 27 November 2020     (virtual)

This meeting, intended to be the first of a new series, will review recent work in diffusion modelling and its application to a range of geological problems. How good (or not) can models be? What are the limits of what can be stated from our models? What are the pitfalls? It is intended to appeal to those interested in applying diffusion modelling to problems of rates, timing and thermal history in a wide range of mineralogical contexts.

The meeting will be led by a series of invited speakers who will address the fundamentals of diffusion theory and its application to modelling geological processes, and provide examples of state-of-the-art research on diffusions in various contexts.


26th November 2020

27th November 2020

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Short Course
The  proposed short course to accompany this meeting has been cancelled.

The meeting is supported by:

The Applied Mineralogy Group

The Metamorphic Studies Group

The Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group