Environmental Mineralogy Group – Science Outreach Video Competition 2021

Congratulations to our winners of the competition 2021

Best student video

By Katarina Culverhouse

Best graduate/postgraduate video

Ferrihydrite, small but powerful
By Giulia Fantappie Andrew Grigg Ruben Kretzschmar Joelle Kubeneck Luiza Notini Katherine Rothwell Katrin Schulz Laural ThomasArrigo

Most unusual mineral video

Nontronite – An animated introduction
By Katherine Rothwell and Craig Thompson


We wanted to hear about what makes your mineral unique and how we couldn’t live without it. These three certainly live up to the brief.

Prizes (£300) will be awarded for:

  • Best student video (undergraduate or earlier)
  • Best graduate/postgraduate video
  • Most novel/unusual mineral video
  • Community favourite video

We will show the winning videos at our Research in Progress meeting in 2022.

Ideas for any of the thousands of internationally recognised minerals can be found at various places, e.g. http://webmineral.com/, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_minerals, https://www.mindat.org/, or even the Mineral Cup on Twitter (https://twitter.com/mineralcup). Clay minerals/groups of minerals in clays are permitted.  Please ensure that your video can be understood by a member of the public, i.e. avoid scientific jargon as much as you can

Videos can be submitted by either an individual or a group. You can submit as many videos as you like but only one prize can be won per entrant. There are no geographical or membership restrictions to entries.


Deadline for submissions 9am GMT on 1 Dec 2021. Winners will be announced by 17 Dec 2021.

How to submit?

Submit videos using a file transfer service (e.g., WeTransfer / Google Drive / Dropbox etc.) and sending the link to emg@minersoc.org. In your email include a statement that: (a) you give permission for us to post your video on our YouTube channel and social media; (b) you have the permission of any other person (or their property) who appears in the video to be recorded/displayed in this way; and (c) if you are under 18 confirm that you have permission from a parent or guardian to participate. Please also state if you are a student and wish to be considered for this award category.

Prize judging and award

Videos will be judged by a panel of at least three Environmental Mineralogy Group committee members/Mineralogical Society Council Members. Community favourite will be assessed by the number of likes and quality of comments on the YouTube channel, and posts on social media. Decisions are final. Note that the committee may decide not to host all videos. Any winners under the age of 18 must demonstrate consent from a parent or legal guardian in order to receive their prize.

About us

The Environmental Mineralogy Group is a special interest group of the Mineralogical Society. We are responsible for promoting this subject and broadening interest, both to professional mineralogists and beyond to interested members of the public.

The entries will allow us to create a set of educational resources which will be made available through our webpage and related YouTube channel. It will provide an opportunities to develop communication skills, build CVs, and discover how awesome and important minerals are.

Example videos

Here are some examples videos put together by members of the Environmental Mineralogy Group committee (James Byrne, Luke Townsend & Laura Newsome):