EMU Volume 17 – Chapter 1

Chapter 1. Introduction to redox-reactive minerals in natural systems and clean technologies

by I.A.M. Ahmed and K.A. Hudson-Edwards

Minerals are naturally occurring inorganic solids that make up the solid part of most solar terrestrial planets. Redox-active elements such as iron, manganese, titanium and sulfur in these minerals allow them to engage in a wide range of electron-transfer reactions including those mediated by biota or processes involved in palaeo-weathering and biogeochemical cycling. The importance of redox-reactive minerals in many natural and industrial processes has been demonstrated by a plethora of scientific publications and industrial applications in recent decades. In this book, the influence of redox-reactive minerals on key biogeochemical processes and opportunities for their application in environmental technologies are outlined and illustrated in 14 comprehensive chapters. The book will be a key reference for Earth science students, geologists, geochemists and engineers and other researchers and practitioners in this rapidly growing interdisciplinary field.

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