EMU Volume 18 – Chapter 2

Mineral fibres: Crystal chemistry, chemical-physical properties, biological interaction and toxicity
(A.F. Gualtieri, editor)

Chapter 2. The crystal structure of mineral fibres
P. Ballirano, A. Bloise, A. F. Gualtieri, M. Lezzerini, A. Pacella, N. Perchiazzi M. Dogan and A. U. Dogan

This chapter deals with the crystal structure of regulated and unregulated mineral fibres. The aim is to provide readers, both specialists and researchers broadly interested in environmental problems, with up-to-date information on a topic that is expanding daily. The chapter describes specifically the structure of the fibrous modification whenever available and outlines possible differences from the corresponding prismatic variety. Details of the experimental techniques used for structure determination/refinement are reported also, if appropriate, to outline the experimental difficulties faced due to the small dimensions, sensitivity and chemical complexity of mineral fibres.

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