Metamorphic Studies Group Virtual RIP 2020

Abstract Volume

Meeting Report

Links to videos of some of the oral presentations

Introduction by Chair of Metamorphic Studies Group, Catherine Mottram

Barrow Award to Clare Warren

Dating metamorphism and other stories: Travels through PTt space
Clare Warren

Pre-orogenic upper crustal softening by lower greenschist facies metamorphic reactions in crystalline basement units (example of central Pyrenees)
Laura Airaghi, Nicolas Bellahsen, Benoît Dubacq, David Chew, Claudio Rosenberg, Emilie Janots, Maxime Waldner and Valérie Magnin

Metamorphism on the Moon Recorded by the Granulite Suite
J. F. Pernet-Fisher and K. H Joy

Quantitative automated mineralogy to constrain metamorphic processes using ZEISS Mineralogic
Richard J.M. Taylor

Reaction Affinity Patterns in Rocks with Porphyroblasts
C. T. (Tom) Foster, Jr.

LA-ICP-MS mapping of granulite-facies monazite: textural insights and implications for petrochronology
Owen Weller, Simon Jackson, William Miller, Marc St-Onge and Nicole Rayner

Microtectonic analysis of the Teziutlan metamorphic complex, Puebla State, Mexico: Mylonitic deformation in the late Paleozoic
Luis Javier Gutiérrez-Trejo, Mario A. Ramos-Arias and Edgar Ángeles-Moreno

Not all kyanite is create equal – The petrogenesis of kyanite migmatites in Eastern Bhutan
S.E. Phillips, T.W Argles, N.B.W. Harris, C.J. Warren, N.M.W. Roberts, B. Kunz