New Topics in Mineralogy 2: The mineral–microbe interface through time and space

2–3 December 2021

Burlington House, London

The Mineralogical Society is delighted to announce a two-day “New Topics in in Mineral Sciences” meeting focusing on the importance of the mineral–microbe interface. Topics explored will span the role of mineral surfaces in the emergence of life on Earth (and potentially other planets), through to the key role of this interface in controlling modern global biogeochemical cycles. Recent advances in the fundamental understanding of these important processes will be presented, alongside more applied aspects of the mineral–microbe interface. The latter will include new biotechnological innovations underpinning sustainable mineral bioprocessing, biomineralisation, bioremediation and energy applications. We are planning a hybrid meeting, with presentations from international leaders in the field, alongside contributions from early-career researchers working across the “geo” and “bio” disciplines.

Those who have agreed to present:

Kurt Konhauser, Derek Lovely, Haliang Dong, Geoff Gadd, Liane Benning, Simon Poulton, Rachel Mills, Caroline Peacock, Ros Rickaby, Barrie/Ana Santos, Mike Wilkins, Juan Liu, Andrew Steele, James Bradley, Casey Bryce and Amelia-Elena Rotaru